Education is extremely important for investment industry professionals whether you are a portfolio manager, chief investment officer, chief executive officer, board member or trustee. Before you invest capital into an asset class, fund, industry or geography, it’s best to get impartial knowledge, education and shared experiences.

Our Institute Fund Summit events are structured to be educational and informative. Government and industry experts derive our panels. Marketing either from the podium or panel is not permitted.

Credits allowed per summit are based on sessions that fit the criteria of CPD or CE requirements.

To receive a certificate of credit completion, delegates must fill out the feedback form (at the end of the summit) and attend those panels or sessions to receive credit.

CPD – Continuing Personal or Professional Development – is the term that describes a commitment to structured skills enhancement and personal or professional competence.

CE – Continuing Education – CFA Institute

Examples include, but are not limited to, the following types of activities:

  • Self-study (i.e., reading, researching, webcasts, etc.)
  • Employer-based (i.e., in-house training)
  • Educational opportunities sponsored by CFA Institute, member societies, and third-party Approved Providers
  • Educational activities offered by unaffiliated organizations/providers in any language/format

View CFA Institute – CE Program Guidebook (PDF)