Connect directly with institutional investor capital

SWFI’s Co-Investor Roundtable Program (CR) program is aimed at providing high-level roundtables between corporations and asset owners. Increasingly, asset owners are going direct to corporations, providing capital when needed. SWFI’s Sovereign Wealth Fund Transaction Database, which tracks direct transactions for SWFs, endowments and pensions, sees that more asset owners are going direct.

Financial intermediaries, investment bankers and placement agents are excluded from participating.

factor based investing

Established businesses with EBITDA over US$ 50 million
Startups backed by executives with experienced track records
Healthcare and biotech companies
Large-scale investment projects or real estate developments (Canada, U.S. and Europe only)


1. Network and pitch directly to asset owners
2. Bespoke program
3. Build relationships directly with investors

If you are a corporation or startup that is keen on participating in our CR program, please contact

You will only be contacted back if there is interest. All personal emails will be ignored.


1. Discover new opportunities
2. Network with corporate executives
3. Potential deal flow

If you are an asset owner, such as a sovereign wealth fund, pension, family office or endowment and want to attend these unique programs, please email us at to be added to our list.